Here you will find little snippets, tools, or readymade formulas that may help you out while managing your Macros.

Code 128

You will need this little piece of software to use the Barcode Generator Macro.


Calculate the Economic order quantity. EOQ is the order quantity that minimizes the total holding costs and ordering costs. Inventory management

Reorder Point

Reorder Point for inventory management. It is the inventory unit quantity on hand that triggers the purchase/manufacture of a predetermined amount of replenishment inventory

Inventory Management (Trial)

Manage and monitor your inventory

MRP (Trial)

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is a system for calculating the components needed to manufacture a product

Data entry userform

Add items to a sheet from a userform

Search Engine

Program that searches for items in a listbox that correspond to keywords specified by the user

Printer Button

Printer button on a userform. Select printer or pdf. Then quick print

QR Code LABELING (Trial)

Create a QRcode in 2 seconds and print it out thousands of times

Barcode LABELING (Trial)

Create a Barcode in 2 seconds and print it out thousands of times

Schedule Appointments (Trial)

Program in VBA Excel, schedule appointments for your business

Add and delete items to a Listbox

How to Manage a listbox