Application: Generate and print Barcode and QRcode for your items/SKU

Download QR/Bar code labels Software

The objective of this VBA EXCEL application is to perform a day-to-day transactions through handheld devices or smartphones. This is the fastest way to record the “quantity in” and the “quantity out” of an inventory.
This application generates QR/Barcodes and prints labels on a A4 sheet. Print one sheet for each pallet. Scan the labels with a Handheld scanner or with a free application on your smartphone. Send the collected data by email or upload it to your computer. This app optimizes supply chain operations while ensuring error-free transactions on the go.


Data that can be uploaded in a QR/Barcode :

  • Item Code
  • Item Name
  • Item Quantity on a pallet
  • Lot/Barch number
  • Date
  • and more

Smartphone application: “Barcode Scanner”


The Barcode Scanner has collected: Item Code“AG81” and the Quantity on a pallet “975” units.

Exploring the application


Add or edit items, print labels.

Add Items

Add all the items from your database. Once all the data is uploaded, it will be saved in a database sheet.


Complete the required data before printing. Print one sheet for each pallet.


To collect the data, you can use a Handheld Scanner, or an application for smartphones: “barcode scanner“, free on Google Play Store or App Store.

Once the data is collected you can upload it to your inventory management system.